One day at a time…..

Another month has vanished.  Day by day I’m returning to…what?  My former self?  No, not really.  A new and improved woman?  No, Rebecca is still as we left her….but, there are some changes afoot.  You know the expression “it’s all about me”?  Well, 30+ days have been all about me, that’s for sure!  Self-care takes up most of my day but that’s how it is.  I’m learning to accept that the bounce-back takes time; lots of time.

Since my last posting the body bruising has disappeared.  The walker has been replaced with a cane.  Weakness is being replaced by more energy and ability.  I’m in the pool 3x a week, working myself up to 45-60 minutes in the deep end doing water walking,  back stroke, and the “froggy”.  You’ll have to use your imagination!  Moving is essential to reducing pain.  On the days I don’t swim I need to concentrate on moving during the day.  If I’m at home writing or just catching up on paperwork, then I must set the timer to remind me to move, move, move.  Luckily I have long halls and an outdoor track, otherwise known as the cul-de-sac parking area.  I’m still too wobbly to get out into the forest full of uneven ground and hidden hazards.  But, soon…..

It took some time for me to get back into cooking.  I just didn’t have the energy or the physical strength to haul out pots and then clean up.  Thanks to pre-cooked chicken and favourite curry dishes combined with the salad bar I managed to keep up my nutrition.  Napping was required, every day.  After lunch I would hit a wall and need sleep.  I was having restless sleeps, waking up once or twice during the night either with pain or a need to use the loo, so I wasn’t getting restorative sleep.  Plus, I couldn’t find a comfortable position.

Waking up after a nap left me groggy but 30 minutes later I definitely felt better.  I’m learning to listen to my body and obey the demands it makes on me!   After dinner,  some TV, reading….then back to bed.  This circle plays out day by day.  When I complained about the interrupted sleep to several friends I was given two natural cures:  blackstrap molasses (unsulfured), and a spoon full of peanut or almond butter.  Both should be taken an hour or so before bed.  I swear this works!  I’ve been taking this dynamic duo for almost two weeks and I’m getting deeper sleeps,  most nights without any interruption.  (insert fist pumping and shouts of joy…)

A follow-up visit to the cardiologist proved interesting.  Due to my morphine stupor I didn’t realize that he never visited me in hospital.  He apologized but said that “no one told me you were there”.  What???  So all my care as a heart patient, was being supervised by my GP’s vacation replacement doctor?  Yes.  Furthermore, on seeing that I was prescribed Plavix, an expensive drug fraught with side effects, he told me to stop taking it. Same for the low-dose aspirin.   “You don’t need it; you don’t have coronary artery disease.  Your angiogram was almost perfect.”  Did I just hear this correctly?  I don’t need that $55 bottle of unnecessary dangerous drugs?  (insert colourful language).   More thoughts on this in future post.

So, what else am I doing to regain and improve myself?  I’m going to save that for next time when I can hopefully tell you some great news about the sciatic leg pain.


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