Making changes

Any kind of health challenge will certainly demand changes in your life.  Changes in diet, exercise, stress reduction, and sleep to name a few.   Change can be tough to accept and difficult to find the time to ensure that new, healthy habits are formed.

Today everyone is “busy”.  Granted some of that busyness is self-imposed but life in today’s world is very full.  I often wonder how I was able to work full-time and raise three children ages 7,6 and 4 as a single mom.  Looking at today’s mom, I am thankful that my mothering years were in the late 60s, a different time altogether.

So why is my “retired” life full to overflowing?  I have writing and deadline demands, social media, reading, self-care, writing, eating, reading, facebook, websites, writing, appointments, friends, family, reading, writing….you get the picture.

I recently came across Laura Vanderkam’s “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast”.  This really caught my eye.  I downloaded it and began reading right away.  She notes: we have 168 hours in a week but not all hours are suited to all things.  I used her download “time tracker” to track my time.  Pretty soon I could see patterns.  I am super productive during the morning.  After lunch I crash and need a rest.  Between 3-5pm I can be found cruising around social media.  Dinner at 6pm, some TV, a little more iPAD cuddling, reading, and bed.  Hummmm, some major time wasting going on?  Room for improvement.

It makes sense that mornings are the best time for exercise and focused work.  I was doing it backwards.  Out of bed by 5 or 5:30am, shower, coffee/toast and work!  I’d put in half a day’s work by 11am when I would go to the pool and join the masses in fighting for space.  It hit me last week; exercise first, then come back and focus on work.  Cut way down the major time wasters of checking email, FB posts, scrabble, and solitaire.  Read more.  Write more.  That’s been working very well.
Heading out for a swim at 6:30am doesn’t work for everyone but Laura’s point is to get the hard stuff out of the way early, before your family or your work demands attention.  She stresses that after a decent night’s sleep (now a minimum 7 hours is recommended), your supply of willpower is fresh, you’re more inclined to be optimistic, and your energy level is high.  Good reasons to schedule important priorities first.

My second discovery is the Miracle Ball.  I recently saw a woman take a bright blue ball (a bit larger than a baseball) out of her bag and slip it behind her back.  I was intrigued.  After talking to her I bought a set.  Two balls and a book.  Looks pretty simple.  After reading the book I tried out a few positions aimed at releasing muscle tension through proper deep breathing and placement in various areas of the body.  The challenge is to learn to “sink into the ball” by continually breathing deep and letting go.  I was amazed to experience how tense my body was/is.  This is normal.  In fact, many people who are in pain actually stop breathing different times during the day.  Becoming very aware of breath and proper breathing will enable you to relax and get more oxygen into your body which in turn releases pain.  One week into the system and I’m sleeping better!  What a bonus.  I’m getting better at “letting go” and enjoy the time I spend releasing tension.

I probably sound like an infomercial but honest, I’m not getting paid for these endorsements!  I just want to share two good discoveries that have helped me to start making some of the changes on my “to do” list.


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